Generations is the ‘family’ division of the SBC Group. Created to specialise in working with Family Offices and Family Businesses, the Generations teams works on developing both human and financial capital to help families understand their businesses and utilise their wealth thus ensuring continuity for the generations to come.

As each ‘family’ is unique, Generations has developed a suite of bespoke holistic packages that can be tailored to individual families’ needs. These packages focus on four core areas critical to running and transitioning the family enterprise:

Illuminare | Helping families preserve stability through generations
Transitus | Helping make generational wealth transition as successful as possible
Genus | Facilitating a current and future-proofed Family Governance operative model
Pactum | Equipping families to have difficult conversations

Introduce the next generation to challenges of running a family business

Create a solid foundation to build a shared vision for the future

Separating business and family issues to reduce strains on relationships

Managing pitfalls and potential challenges to transfer wealth and businesses to the next generation

“Simon’s understanding of the background of financial and practical operational aspects of business, together with his psychological training and insights enable him to bring a unique perspective to organisational family enterprises”

The chairman of a significant family run London property consortium

“As our key strategic consultant SBC Group has been integral to the growth, development and stability of our organisation. It has helped the business develop from an embryonic startup to a functioning and commercially operational business. SBC Group provides a number of things for our company – coaching of the executive management team, strategic planning on a regular basis, insight and guidance on everything from sales and HR to investor relations and product development. Its unique combination of organisational strategy and psychology provides a 360-degree view of the business and its internal mechanics, which no other strategic consultant has been able to provide”

CEO of a family run tech start-up worth 20m after 2 years

“I have worked with Simon and SBC Group over the past 3 years and he has helped me develop my business in ways that I had only dreamed of. Simon gets you to think, apply logic, reach decisions and helps implement them too. I would recommend this for anyone who is serious about growth and development.”

MD of a family run SME