Facilitating a current and future-proofed Family Governance operative model

SBC Generations works with families to increase both human and financial capital of their Family Office and Family businesses. Thus, helping to make significant improvements in the ‘Double Bottom Line’.

The Genus programme spotlights the overall culture of a family enterprise and the associated personal development of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and soft skills within the family network. Family Governance, structures and policies are also developed and implemented as part of this package thus ensuring clear and transparent personal and business guidelines that will both protect and enhance families for the future.

Family Governance can help address issues that most family enterprises are hesitant to acknowledge. SBC Generations will work with the family over a period of time to create a ‘Family Charter’ that addresses the vision, values and philosophy of the family as well the procedures, policies and structures that will be vital to its success and future transition.

What they will achieve?

The creation of a bespoke Family Governance Charter

Defining the Family Vision, ethos and Culture

Personal development of EQ and soft skills for family members

How does Generations help?

Facilitating one-to-one and group seminars with family members

Working with the family to enable a clear definition of the Family Vision and associated Mission Statement

Research and production of a bespoke Family Charter