Helping families preserve stability through generations

As a family business passes down through the generations, the need for a shared vision and purpose becomes increasingly important.

An intrinsic part of managing this successfully is ensuring that families remain engaged with its younger members in order to create a sense of understanding, value and connection between all.

The Illuminare programme provides a fully tailored, holistic package specifically developed to help the next generations explore their potential and introduce them to the challenges of running a family business.

What they will achieve?

Financial literacy and an understanding of business operations

Ability to evaluate the financial implications of investments

Acquire skills to become future leaders/influencers of the business

Gain an understanding of the principles of philanthropy

Recognise one’s feelings and how to relate effectively to others

How does Generations help?

Structured programme of core
modules over a set period of years

Regular review meetings
1-2 per year / as required

Elective modules based on
individual family needs

Report Generation