Equipping families to have difficult conversations

Family enterprises are unique and complex as the role of emotion can sometimes cloud business judgement. In order to air these issues in a neutral environment, SBC Generations offers its own defined mediation programme.

Our Pactum programme can allow families to have and ultimately resolve difficult conversations within the family network in a neutral, highly confidential and professional environment enabling the family units and their associated businesses to develop their real potential and thrive.

The role of our team is to assist and steer the family towards resolution of its unique challenges. SBC Generations will work closely to help reach a fair outcome for all concerned, with at all times maintaining an unbiased view of the situation and concerns.

What they will achieve?

Opening dialogue of underlying concerns

Fair, unbiased and impartial mediation in a confidential setting

Individual personal development strategies

How does Generations help?

Facilitating one-to-one and group sessions with family members

Providing a safe and experienced environment where families can communicate together on challenging issues

Report Generation (where required)