Helping to make generational wealth transition as successful as possible

The concept of the three-generation wealth trap is ingrained in our worldwide culture. The idea that the first generation makes it, the second generation merely preserves it or increases it, and the third generation loses it is one which has achieved an almost legendary status.

SBC Generations works with families to successfully transition wealth to the next generations.

The Transitus programme prepares all family members for the financial; emotional and social aspects in dealing with wealth transition, thus creating and delivering a future of success for both the family and its associated business and philanthropic arms.

An interactive and engaging overview of each generation of the family is undertaken including one-to-one and group sessions. It is important to understand the general development, mind-set and goals of each generation, as well as understanding the mechanics of the systems, processes and operational structures of the family enterprise.

SBC Generations will create an appropriate plan to ease and ensure a smooth transition of both family assets and the associated businesses.

What they will achieve?

Facilitation of discussions with each family generation

Bespoke transition plan for the family assets and its business

Vision & goals of each generation documented

How does Generations help?

Facilitating one-to-one meetings
and family group seminars

Exposure to historic and recent scenarios

Production of Family assets
transition plan and report