What your company will achieve

What your company will achieve


Enhanced personal development skills including increased emotional intelligence (EQ) and people management skills

Finding the way to a better work-life balance and improved intellectual leadership

Improved intellectual leadership for SMT and Senior Staff


Improved skills to reduce fire-fighting in favour of organisational development

Better-quality conflict resolution and improved work-place culture within SMT and Senior Staff

Improved work place culture and enhanced decision-making capacity


Improve double bottom line

High level business enhancements to manage greater workloads in existing time constraints

Increase high-calibre staff retention

How does Sonata help?

Off-line research and business development

Report generation (where required)

Full administrative support

Group session/workshop, developing group SMT EQ

Occasional motivational work with other members of SMT

Availability for short conversations outside agreed times

Regular site visits

The Choir Ensemble offers a range of additional modules for the SMT designed to develop human and leadership skills further to enhance their personal growth, provide a better work life balance and improve the bottom line.

Human development modules

Psychological Safety Assessment (2 days)

Emotional Resilience and Agile Thinking

Intrinsic Motivation and Trust

Self-belief and Value

Building Social Capital

Adaptive and Creative Thinking

Leading through Change and Ambiguity

Energy Management

Human Leadership Modules

High Performance teams and mindset

Team purpose and managing key stakeholders

Team styles – harnessing strengths and weaknesses

Team effectiveness

Succession planning

The SMT plays a critical role within an organisation, providing strategic and operational leadership but also its shared purpose, team dynamics and culture set a model for the rest of the company to follow so SMT cohesion is paramount to success.

The Velocity product is designed for the SMT to provide cohesion, a shared purpose and psychological safety. It consists of four separate modules that will accelerate the growth and development of the SMT team; to grasp and swiftly unleash potency, strength and the competitive edge of their talents.


Who we are?

Specifically addresses the conscious architecture of the SMT experience, interaction and its system to establish the foundations

Building Trust

Focuses on the how to establish and maintain trust, the bedrock of high performance

Working at our best

Provides the insights and tools to work ‘human-fit’ by optimising cognitive capacity, energy and talent potential


An exploration and consideration of the learning, its application and outcomes


  1. Client product and curriculum bespoke development and design
  2. 4 half day separate modules
  3. Delivery by 2 SBC Sonata senior facilitators
  4. Outputs and Learning meeting and accompanying development Report

How does Sonata help?

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