Our CEO and Founder


Simon Bloom is the CEO and Founder of SBC Group and today he mainly works as a coach to tech company CEO’s and VC’s

SBC Group incorporates SBC Sonata as its business consultancy and coaching division and SBC Generations its Family Office and Family Business division.

Simon has undertaken a number of diverse roles in his professional life including being a VC for 3 years. He has also worked within the Family Office world, with a number of high-net worth individuals in the top 10 “Rich List” and also as a coach and consultant to CEO’s of tech companies.

Over the last number of years Simon has brought together these three elements namely Family offices, VC’s and tech companies into a single unified company, SBC Group.

Simon is the author of ‘Passing the Buck – How to Avoid the 3rd Generation Wealth Trap’ and is also in the last stages of finalising his 2nd book ‘The Simon Principle: The Next Step from the Peter Principle’. This book introduces the “Simon Principle” which, if followed, provides the foresight to identify what CEOs need to know and when they need to know it, to avoid the Peter Principle becoming a reality in their company.

Simon regularly lectures at forums and conferences such as at the FT Family Office Forum, Institutional Investor Forums and the London Business School.

Today Simon works with VC’s and CEO’s unifying financial acumen, McKinsey-esque consultancy and emotional and social intelligence development. All the SBC Group divisions work to develop the “double bottom line”, significant financial growth combined with significant social and emotional development.


Simon gained his BSc in New Jersey, and his MA in California, and subsequently his MSc in Organisational Psychology and Psychiatry from King’s College, London. He also achieved his Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Psychotherapy in London and is currently halfway through completing his PhD in Neuroscience.