About Sonata

The Sonata programme is brought to you by SBC Group. It was created to help individuals find a pattern and way of working that benefits businesses financially and helps develop the ways in which that company operates.

Sonata is effective with all businesses however it is has been particularly developed for fast paced, venture backed, tech start-ups.


SBC Group

SBC Group has a highly skilled team of accredited professionals with training and education across multiple disciplines including teaching and education, accountancy, law, psychology, and neuroscience. This combination of knowledge allows us to integrate each discipline into our consultancy, helping to make a significant impact within people’s lives.

Our approach

The Four Quadrants is an approach based on the work of Ken Wilber ‘A Theory of Everything’. SBC uses the Four Quadrant approach and looks at four very distinct separate areas that we as human beings need to work on. We believe that, if we get to a level of functionality and mastery in all of these four areas of life, we will by definition be happy and lead a meaningful life.


The 'I' represents an individual's thoughts, emotions and motivations.


The 'IT' section represents the individual's personal skills (for example, how effective they are as an accountant or lawyer).



The 'WE' represents the culture within the business or enterprise.


The 'ITS' represents the overall systems in place for their business and their finances.
  • Yoni Sherizen, CEO Gabriel

    Simon helped us manage a complex transition period across multiple continents and cultures, including teams in New York, London and Jerusalem. His unique ability to push us as a team to confront key issues and build management structures around them was invaluable to our success.

    Yoni Sherizen, CEO Gabriel
  • Ivan Mazour, CEO Ometria

    Simon and his team have been absolutely instrumental to Ometria’s growth from a seed-stage startup to being the 7th fastest growing tech company in the UK, now employing almost a hundred people.

    Ivan Mazour, CEO Ometria
  • David Benigson, CEO Signal

    SBC has been with my company since its inception and their business coaching interaction with myself, has undoubtedly enabled the company to develop and mature into one of the leading companies in the communications marketplace. Their belief in me and ability to understand both the world of business and the human mind is an almost unique skill and without this synergy I doubt SIGNAL would be where it is today.

    David Benigson, CEO Signal
  • Stephen OTT, OTT Capital Ventures

    Working with Simon Bloom and his team has been essential for me in understanding the dynamics of starting up and growing a global business. His dedication, ability to unlock potential and attention to detail has enabled me to implement a holistic business model and approach, which is both vital and viable for the global climate we live in today.

    Stephen OTT, OTT Capital Ventures

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